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Symbol Issuer Name Sectors Listed
FBBFidelity Bank (Bahamas) LimitedBanking21 Aug 2000
BBLBenchmark (Bahamas) LimitedInvestment Company11 May 2000
BPFBahamas Property Fund LimitedProperty Management11 May 2000
BWLBahamas Waste LimitedWaste Collection21 Aug 2000
CABCable Bahamas LimitedTelecommunications11 May 2000
CBLCommonwealth Bank LimitedBanking11 May 2000
CIBFirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) LimitedBanking03 Jul 2000
DHSDoctors Hospital Health System LimitedHealthcare Provider18 May 2000
FAMFAMGUARD Corporation LimitedInsurance11 May 2000
FCLFOCOL Holdings LimitedIndustrial11 May 2000
FINFinance Corporation of the BahamasBanking03 Jul 2000
CHLColina Holdings Bahamas LimitedInsurance11 May 2000
ICDICD Utilities LimitedIndustrial18 May 2000
JSJJS Johnson and Company LimitedInsurance11 May 2000
FCCFreeport Concrete Company Limited (delisted)Industrial/Retail14 May 2001
PREPremier Commercial Real Estate Investment Company LimitedProperty Management08 Sep 2003
BOBBank of The Bahamas InternationalBanking25 Nov 2004
CWCBConsolidated Water Co. Ltd.Industrial17 Jan 2006
AMLAML Foods LimitedConsumer Goods11 May 2000
FCLBFreeport Oil Holdings Company Limited Class B Preference SharesIndustrial09 Jun 2008
FBB15Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2015Banking - Debt01 Sep 2008
FBB17Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2017Banking - Debt01 Sep 2008
FBB22Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 2022Banking - Debt01 Sep 2008
BAH29Bahamas Note 6.95 (2029)18 Jun 2010
CBBCommonwealth Brewery LimitedConsumer Goods24 May 2011
FBB18Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited 201806 Aug 2013
FBBAFidelity Bank Class A Preference SharesBanking29 Dec 2011
APDAPD LimitedIndustrial23 Apr 2012
CHLAColina Holdings Bahamas Limited Class A Preference SharesInsurance20 Jun 2012
CAB6Cable Bahamas Limited Series 6 Preference SharesTelecommunications01 Dec 2014
CAB8Cable Bahamas Limited Series 8 Preference SharesTelecommunications01 Dec 2014
CBLECommonwealth Bank Class E Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
CBLJCommonwealth Bank Class J Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
CBLKCommonwealth Bank Class K Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
CBLLCommonwealth Bank Class L Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
CBLMCommonwealth Bank Class M Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
CBLNCommonwealth Bank Class N Preference ShareBanking27 Apr 2015
BG0103Bahamas Note 4.0 (2017)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0105Bahamas Note 4.25 (2019)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0107Bahamas Note 4.50 (2021)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0130Bahamas Note 6.25 (2044)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0203Bahamas Note 4.0 (2018)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0205Bahamas Note 4.25 (2020)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0207Bahamas Note 4.50 (2022)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
BG0230Bahamas Note 6.25 (2045)Bahamas Government Stock12 Aug 2015
CAB9Cable Bahamas Limited Series 9 Preference SharesTelecommunications03 Dec 2015
CAB10Cable Bahamas Limited Series 10 Preference SharesTelecommunications03 Dec 2015
BG0303BGS: 2015-6-3YBahamas Government Stock12 Jan 2016
BG0305BGS: 2015-6-5YBahamas Government Stock12 Jan 2016
BG0307BGS: 2015-6-7YBahamas Government Stock12 Jan 2016
BG0330BGS: 2015-6-30YBahamas Government Stock12 Jan 2016